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Senator Mushahid Hussain's Speech on June 11, 2015

Senator Mushahid Hussain's Speech on June 11, 2015

Senator Mushahid Hussain's Speech on June 10, 2015

Senator Mushahid Hussain's Speech on June 10, 2015

Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed Speech on December 26, 2014

Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed Speech on December 26, 2014

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A Salute to Soldiers at Siachen For parliamentarians belonging to the Senate Defence Committee, it was truly a unique and unprecedented experience when they paid a historic visit to Siachen to express solidarity with the valiant soldiers and officers defending the motherland at the world's toughest terrain on behalf of the Par Read More

Defence of Pakistan Day - September 65: A reappraisal
The September War is a watershed in Pakistan's chequered history. It nurtured many a myth about white gowned “holy men” gently deflecting Indian bombs with an angelic wave of divine hands. It fed our hero-loving masses with new tales of valour and glory in the tradition of Khal Read More

Analysis: What does transition in China mean for Pakistan? ISLAMABAD: The world’s biggest political party, the 80-million strong Communist Party of China, has convened in Beijing for its 18th National Congress.

The party congress, held every 5 years, brings together 2,000 top leaders to decide on future policy and leadership. Signi Read More

President Obama's Victory In what has been one of the most expensive, vicious, competitive and closely fought elections in recent American history,Obama’s triumph is testimony to his brilliance as a charismatic campaigner, and the irreversible reality of America’s changing demographic profile. With a full quar Read More

Pakistan and China: Strategic Partners in the 21st CenturyToday’s arrival in Islamabad of China’s Foreign Minister, Yang Jeichi, comes at an important time of change looming  large in the region where the two best friends are located. The visit of China’s most seasoned and top diplomat comes in the backdrop of 12 visits by Pakistani Read More

The Malaysian 'Model'Malaysia is about to do something unique in the Muslim World. After 22 years of success, popularity and performance as Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir Mohammed is all set to implement his commitment to leave his powerful position voluntarily, honourably and peacefully. For centuries, the Muslim World Read More

Understanding anti-AmericanismAn unintended but positive spin-off of the Iraq War has been to shift the debate from the ‘war on terrorism’ to anti-Americanism. In any case, as events have shown, the Iraq war was not about the so-called ‘war on terror.’ It had more to do with the infatuation with military Read More

The nuclear issue revisitedHaving declared the 'axis of evil' and proclaimed war on its members last January, the US, after occupying Iraq, is now putting political pressure on Iran and North Korea regarding their nuclear programmes. But this pressure is complicating an already difficult regional scenario with an unse Read More

Pakistan's Afghan policyOn October 7, 2001, when the United States launched its full military might with the opening shots in what is now increasingly looking like an unwinnable, war without end against terrorism in Afghanistan, the commander of the first squadron to bomb that country had an interesting rationale for the m Read More

An alternate Muslim visionThe upcoming visit of Turkey's Prime Minister, Tayyab Erdogan, to Pakistan is an important opportunity for these two key Muslim countries to discuss future strategy for the Muslim World since both are principal players. Apart from the United States, if any other countries could be singled out fo Read More

Media Weapon in 'War on Terror'Addressing students at the George Mason University in Washington, DC on the first anniversary of 9/11, the prominent British journalist Robert Fisk made a rather telling comment before a jam-packed audience. He was asked to comment on the coverage of the 'war on terror' in the American media Read More

Mongolia journeyHistory is testimony to the fact that like the mortality of individuals, the power of empires and nations is fleeting. A reading of history is replete with the rise and fall of powers, with yesterday’s powerful becoming today’s weak. At the beginning of the 20th century, the British Empi Read More

Lessons from the pastPakistan's politics is witnessing a familiar pattern of a deadlock slowly converting into a crisis, with erroneous assumptions pushing for maximalist positions. Given the fragility of the political process and the frequency of detours from the democratic path, it is not surprising that conspirac Read More

The Armitage visitAmerica's trouble-shooter for South Asia, Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage, has left the region after the first major visit by a US official following the Iraq War. South Asia remains second in significance to the Middle East for American strategy. This can be gauged by the number of h Read More